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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is a New Career In Store For Kristy Lee Cook?

Not much has been seen or heard from Kristy Lee Cook since she left American Idol. There is a lot of speculation as to what's going on in her life now. I'm sure all the publicity from the show has offered her more than one opportunity in her life. Kristy Lee Cook probably has many roads she can choose in life now.

One blog post said that she is back on the road performing at bars and nightclubs along with special appearences at State Fairs and the like. Others have said that she's going to Dental Assistant School and yet another said she was on her way to Vetenarian School. While others have said that she is just kicking back and spending time riding her horses on the family farm.

This young, pretty, fresh faced lady has a long and lucrative life ahead of her if she plays her cards right. Too many times this young talent gets caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle and becomes nothing more than an afterthought.

Kristy Lee Cook seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I'm sure whatever career she chooses, or what school she attends, that she will be successful.

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